There is no much to say or write as we are on the low season now…….the days with North thermal winds are very, very rare now so i´m on gym mode preparing my body for the next season that will open end of February beginning of March….i hope!!!

Tried to windsurf a new spot but we had bad luck because the wind was to light and it was fucking freezing!!!

Meanwhile I’m upgrading my kit and bought some toys:

Haven’t tried any of them but the new severne boom is a nice piece of work art!!! Looks very robust and with and awesome shape!!!

Let’s hope for a great and windy 2014!!!

Some pics comparing my actual Isonic 117 W 2011 Wood and my new the 2012 Carbon model:

Isonic 117W-carbonV1

 Isonic 117W-carbonV3

Isonic 117W-carbonV2

Isonic 117W-carbonV4

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