More Slalom training


Well the season has started but slowly…..having some good wind some days but then having a long period without good wind.

So far i´ve done 4 slalom sessions this year…….only with bit kit.….7.0 up and always my Isonic 117W.

I´ve got this board recently and it rocks!!!! Very easy and fast to get planning and very good when overpowered to control it!!!

Yesterday at my home spot in light winds i had another great slolom session!!! 41Kms done…..not much speed because of the wind angle but a good day on the water with friends

Getting my gybes better and smother but only can get a few out planning!!! I think I have to be more aggressive and flip the sail earlier!!! Let’s keep training….I’m going to try to put up some kind of video footage so I can see what I’m doing wrong……

GPS tracks:

Photos taken by me cell phone on the water:



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