2016 Season opened

Hi All

Nearly 1 year later I’m back for posting!! Sorry for the delay but I’ve been very busy working, windsurfing and playing around with my kids!! so no much time left for posting!!

I hope this year is different and i can post more….let’s see…

We opened the season on 20th of February with a great warm and sunny day and wind ranging 15 to 20 knots and sailing with Isonic 117 W and OD 8.5!!!

It was great to be back after more than 3 months of the water due to lack of wind and a hernia inguinal surgery that i had to do!!! Took it easy and windsurfed for nearly 15km with great pleasure!!

In March i sailed 3 days!!! 2 of them with me new Severne OD 7.8 that i bought so i could complement my sail quiver!! Good feelings with the sail despite it´s not yet fully tuned!!

The other day in March i sailed fullpower in 25 knots of wind with OD 7.0m!!

Now we are in April but having the worst April ever i can remember since i started windsurfing in 2007!!! Every weekend is rainy and the predications are like this maybe until the end of the month!!! SHIT!!!

Let’s hope things change and i can sail in April!!!


New Sail – Severne Overdrive 7.8 R5



First day on the water in 2016!!




GPS Tracks

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