Long weekend windsurfing


We had a 3 day weekend as 25 April is the revolution and liberation Day in Portugal

We were lucky to have great weather and wind in these 3 days!! So we went windsurfing in our home spot.

On Saturday and Sunday i sailed with my Severne Overdrive 7.8 and Isonic 117W, more full power on Saturday.

I´m still tuning the sail but I’m getting there only lacking more speed but the control and early planning ate on point!!

On Monday the wind was lighter so i tool the Overdrive 8.5 for a spin…..in the beginning i was out of control but the i applied more downhaul and was on control…….again I’m lacking of full speed….i thinking it is the season start so a little rusty and not committing to full speed runs!! Maybe missing my balls!! 🙂 🙂

Overall it was an awesome 3 day weekend with my friend on the water…….I’m wasted!!

Let’s wait for now for the good weather and trade north winds come to stay!!


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