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My home spot is Cabedelo.

It´s a small location just outside the city of Viana do Castelo, 60km from Oporto Airport

This is where i learned to windsurf and usually windsurf with my friends. It´s a very nice and secure spot where you can find different conditions.



Freeride and Slalom

In the entrance of the harbor, marked with a red circle you can do freeride and slalom, with a distance of 1,1km from the small beach to the north pier, so you can have a very clean track to train your slalom and speed. On very windy days it can get choppy and very gusty.

Waves and kite

Outside the harbor, marked with a black circle there is the big beach where you can have waves and kite, very spacey beach with space for everyone, there is also a camping park and a beach bar to support you.


2 – WIND

The wind best direction is when it comes from all north directions and can go from 8 knots to 40 knots in spring and summer.

In winter it comes from south, not so strong but with huge swell hitting the beach, it could be dangerous because it breaks very strong against the south pier….so be careful in winter


3 – STAY

You can stay at the camping park on the big beach or park you van near the small beach. There is also a lot of hotels and motels in the City of Viana where to stay.


Picture of our spot:

(41º40′.5 Latitude Norte / 008º50′.3 Longitude Oeste)


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